Allison Barta Bailey

I’m happy to announce another Oklahoma Retail Breakfast! If you are an independently owned retailer in the OKC Metro, please join us.

This is a one-hour meeting to focus on one small topic that affects small retail (like PR, branding, social media) and bond over the shared experience of being a local retailer.

During our first OK Retail breakfast last summer, Mary Ann Osko, owner of Osko Communications walked us through public relations basics. This time around, we will be joined by a consulting team that I have personal experience with, Braid Creative.

March 27th, 8:30am
The Wedge Pizza 
4709 N. Western Ave 
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

The talented ladies from Braid Creative will be our guest speakers.
Kathleen Shannon and Tara Street of Braid Creative are brand consultants who help
small businesses uncover their authentic brand.

They’ll be taking you through some of the hands-on exercises they use to help small business owners:

  • Stay sharp: concisely convey what you do, always keeping your dream customer in mind.
  • Stay real: strike a balance between personal and professional branding, especially in social media.
  • Stay in the drivers seat: beyond “marketing & advertising,” how a brand can position you as an expert – for more new-business confidence, and healthier customer relationships from the get-go.

Tickets are $15. Breakfast will be provided. Prepare to enjoy a sampling of their breakfast creations…

delicious wraps, quiche, cinnamon rolls, coffee & OJ!

To RSVP, visit

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Bailey (405)620-3883 or

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